Monday, 9 July 2012

Vodka After Party

Delicious Borscht & Bread 

Joe and his antics! PG RATED

The Doc inspecting....

Mount Elbrus Lager!

Yuriy handing out T-shirts

Tortoise likes his!

It's stretch!!

The doc

Robby thanking Yuriy

Awesome speech!

Handing over to Yuriy

That looks like a naughty grin Mr Funnell!

Ok, so who stole the rest of the toilet??

Cheers Doc!

Awesome team!

Stretch loving the beer!

I had to...


  1. Today celebrating in Teksol with our guide Olev, friend of Yuriy. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. Have a great celebration you deserve it!!! Enjoy the Vodka, and don't forget to pop an aspirin or two before you fall asleep haha!

  3. Love the line "Who stole the rest of the toilet". I can't stop laughing. These pics are such great memories forever!

  4. Love this pics - Candy how did you manage with all these men - you need a medal. Ha Ha