Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flight & Layover logistics...

Oh yes, I'm one of know those people who plan everything and do the trip in their heads before they've even left? Well I seriously get ripped all the time for it, but I'm yet to hear a complaint when I whip out the Niknaks or nougat when all hope is lost!!

I've been doing some research (big surprise there) on our actual 'trek' just to get to Russia...

We are flying on Qatar Airways (I believe very nice) via Doha (ha huh??) en route to Moscow...unfortunately we have an 8 hour layover there (which is fine as we saved about 3k)...but here's the thing:  I contacted the airport via email (don't you just love the interweb??) and have found out that for as little as $30-40 we can check into the business class lounge and have a shower and veg!  How awesome is that...if I must say so myself!  Most people have said they just made beds in corners etc, but hell no, why forego the lounge if it's so cheap?? Who's with me??

So we leave Joburg around lunch time on the Friday, get to Doha late evening and then leave for Moscow early am!  We can arrive as fresh as can be...thanks to those showers in the lounge (nudge nudge wink wink)

We will be staying in a hotel in Moscow for the night, so it will be sightseeing until we fly to Mineralnye Vody the next day...

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  1. I fly to Houston and then a direct flight to Moscow. (11 hours)No lounging for me =(