Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Training Program

I found this sign above whilst trawling through numerous mountaineering jokes...and I thought it quite fit for this section of my blog...we aim to train so hard that the mountain does indeed feel like a mole hill :-) - here's hoping!

Now a lot of people I know go to trainers etc to get personalised programs for their trips etc, but there is so much information available for free that I really didn't see the need!  Most operators/guides will also have programs for you to follow, but I think common sense will get you fit enough!  It's logical that you need strong legs for the looooong slog up the mountain, as well as stamina my first port of call was to get running fit again - it had been a long time as I wasn't allowed to run after my surgeries.

For the first month of training I pretty much stuck to the treadmill and stair master and boy did it really just get me ready!  I alternate my training days - running on one and then stair master and uphill walking on the other.  

Feeling quite fit, I then started road running, urban hiking (to wear those new boots in), treadmill, stair master and now I've also added ankle weights (my shackles as I call them :-))
I enter running races on weekends, but during the week it's all about strength in the legs etc.  It's amazing how strong your legs become after a month, and I can see improvement every day!

We have now also started climbing the Westcliff Steps on weekends - omg it's not for the faint hearted I tell you!  I was sore for days after the first time, but it really is superb training in the outdoors and its free!
Every time you go you see people training for some or other adventure, and you get to swop stories and hear amazing things!  We will add backpacks, weights and boots at a later stage, so that will be really challenging!

I will post more on the training and fitness levels at a later stage, for now...I'm off to climb steps!

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