Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's Open Season on Elbrus!!

I got some wonderful news last night from the folk at Elbrus...the season has officially kicked off and things are looking good so far...let's pray it all stays that way and that everyone is safe and sound!

Herewith the information:

We consider the SUMMER season has been started. Everything is ok and stable in the area and South side is open for tourists.
- The weather is rather warm in common. Every night there are small snowfalls and at the moment Elbrus became covered with snow. Big icy areas are absent. Sounds like the snow cover now is permanent for the summer. People with skis can rely on skiing the summit up and down.
- There is no electricity at the Barrels huts now. That lasts for some months. Permanent electricity, outlets and electric heaters was one of the main advantages of the Barrels huts, other huts never had this. Only some small nearby huts had electric power from the Barrels huts but now they obviously also have no electricity. We were promised the electricity will be turned on in mid May but at the moment it is still absent. We will inform everybody when it is fixed. There are gas heaters in huts so it is warm enough inside, however the possibility to recharge cameras and other devices is absent.

I will keep checking for any more updates and post them here as they arrive!

5 weeks to go!!!!

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