Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So here I am, on my official countdown to our trip to Mount Elbrus in Russia.  I thought I'd do a short intro just to put all of this into perspective...
I've always had this absolute fascination with mountains, and a couple of years ago decided that I'd actually like to attempt the 7 summits...and anything inbetween...I'm not a 'summit collector', I absolutely love the experience, be it on a small 'koppie' somewhere in the Magaliesberg or an epic 6000m peak!

In August 2009 I successfully climbed and summited Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest peak in Africa.  I loved every moment of it, but I will admit to having uttered quite a few nasties on summit night - I was not loving the cold, windy hike uphill on loose rock and shale that's for sure!  And I must admit I wasn't as fit as I had hoped to be!  That experience just proved to me that this city girl could most definitely rough it if the setting was a gorgeous mountain!

So now, after a 3 year lull (and I only call it that as it wasn't by choice) I am super happy to be able to continue enriching my life with these wonders of nature.  It's been a tough battle as I've had numerous surgeries to both my feet and lower legs and for a while I was extremely concerned that I wouldn't ever be able to run/train/climb mountains again!  After many many months of rehab, wheelchairs, crutches and rest, it's just wonderful that I can now step up my fitness routine and prepare for my first (of many) snow and ice covered mountains.

We have signed up with Adventure Dynamics and I have never been happier - the professional service we have received so far has been amazing!  I cannot wait to meet our Guide Robby, our other group mates and perhaps get that intro talk from Sean who is such an inspirational mountaineer.

I hope you find my posts with information helpful, please drop me a mail if anything I write needs correction!
Let the adventure begin....


  1. After seeing your tandem pictures is next to become a regular skydiver?
    BTW I got a site but haven't updated it in a while:

  2. HI there! Nice website, you should update it!! You've been to great places hey!! I absolutely loved skydiving!!! I would def consider doing a course!!! I smiled for days afterwards :-) do you skydive??

  3. I do. I got about 2000 jumps.