Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Training is a family affair...

This past weekend was hectic to say the between school functions, parties and domestic chores we had to get some training done of course...
My girls had to be at school for their 'big walk' early on Saturday morning, so off we went, each with our own agenda - selling coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well as manning the water table on the route was Joe and my job!

The girls were so proud of themselves, they each did their mandatory 10 laps and got their medals!  By now it was lunch time, time for domestic shopping and to the Westcliff Steps yet again...
Reagan, my 7 year old, accompanied me (and she did pack some goodies to keep her busy in case she got too tired) and she ended up walking up and down those stairs with mom for about 40minutes! I was absolutely impressed to say the least, and I just had to do the last 20min on my own! Now that's teamwork!

I must just also add this little story to the training....on about the second last 'lap' of the stairs, I literally nearly dropped my load (in more ways than one...) - there right in front of me on the step is this HUGE gigantic hairy beast of a spider, and circling it is the BIGGEST mutated wasp like creature I have EVER seen!!! What the hell those two were doing I do not know, all I do know is that I found this surge of energy and literally took 4 steps at once with my 15kg backpack and hightailed it out of there....needless to say I was crapping myself on the way down as I knew they would still be there...and oh yes, they were indeed.  I gave that area a wide berth but felt ill, the steps were deserted, it was just little old me and I kept praying some other pedestrian would come along and either step on it, or shoo it away (sorry Peta and all..).  No such luck, but at least it was the end of the training for that legs were jelly when I eventually got into my car!

Nothing like a surge of adrenalin when you least expect it!  Perhaps a can of doom will be in order on my next trip to the steps!

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