Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Russian Language

I absolutely love languages and couldn't wait to get my hands on a Russian phrase book...that was until I got it and saw how hectic the language is!
Firstly - it's not even about the pronounciation - just try the spelling!! Everything looks like it's written upside down and/or the wrong way around!!
Secondly - just when you think you are pronouncing sounds right, wham - curveball and there goes the theory! There are just too many for me to cram into the little time I have left before I leave...but that's not going to stop me, I will continue each day, even if I arrive and can only say 'Da' and "Nyet".

And yes, I am going to go there....EVERYONE...always wants to know a swear/bad word or two....don't they? Just in case someone really makes you mad...I'm sorry if I offend anyone here, I found this 'dictionary' online as well....
englishrussianpronouncedhear it!
win mediaquicktime
get out / f- offotva`lilistenlisten
shut upzatk`nislistenlisten
f-k! (rude!)b`lyad'!listenlisten
what the f-k?`tchyo za ga`lima?listenlisten
f-k off / f-k you (rude!)
po'shyol 'na huilistenlisten

f-g crazy?охуел?okhu`el?
this is f-d upэто пиздецeto piz`dets

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