Friday, 29 June 2012

The Barrels: Day 3

Today is our rest day at base camp. The snowfall/rain/sleet is quite heavy so we only get up around 9am for breakfast!
It's too miz outside to go do any ice axe training so we plan a day around the barrels. Ray and I catch up on blogs, twitter etc and we all start going through our kit for summit preparations!
We plan on leaving around 3/4am, but weather not looking great!

Juri says instead of us all waking up, he will get up at 2,3 and 4/5am to see if conditions have improved and if they have he will come and wake us!
We have some fun UNO games, listen to music on the 'beatbox' and at 3:30 Ray has his live interview with Radio Today via cellular from SA. He spoke so well and it really was a great chat for him to highlight The sunflower fund as well as the blood council of SA. I'm definitely inspired to be a bone marrow donor upon my return home!
You can read Ray's incredible journey on and link to his blog from there!

Its a struggle to upload photos from here-Ray has been sending his to Lynne, his wife back home who can update his blog from there. I can't seem to get anything but twitter right! I am however trying so the pics may be a tad late!

The afternoon is spent getting gear ready, packing backpacks etc and the snow keeps falling!
I'm not convinced of a good weather window at all!
After dinner Juri briefs us again and we all head to barrel number 8 to get some rest!
At 9:10pm the power comes on so I charge my camera battery and iPad. I fall asleep very quickly and wake up a few times wondering if we going...eventually Joe's snoring is so bad again that I find and put in some ear plugs-they are amazing and worth every cent spent!

Time to sleep peacefully...please weather gods be kind to us??

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  1. Thanks for the posts! Awesome details. Hope you had a good weather for the summit push. Best wishes and best luck. I'm heading there in 2 days, with pilgrim also.