Friday, 1 June 2012

Drakensberg: Up the cracks and down the mudslide!

As promised, here is a breakdown of the second hike we plan on doing early Sunday's apparently quite rough, but I'm up for the challenge!


TIME: 51Ž2 hours.
DISTANCE: 11 km.
TERRAIN: Undulating path with steep and slippery sections and chain ladders, and is not suitable for small children or those with a fear of heights.


Another popular trail that can be regarded as strenuous is the 11Km circuit that takes the hiker up "The Crack" and down The Mudslide".Please note that this route should not be attempted by those who suffer from vertigo.
The steep ascent through "The Crack" is aided by a chain ladder.
The views from the top are magnificent and well worth the toil of the climb.
The pools at the top of the Gudu Falls is an ideal lunch spot.

In hot weather the pools provide an ideal way of cooling off.
The return route by way of "The Mudslide" is very steep and is aided by the use of chains and ladders.
 The flora of the area is very beautiful especially when the Natal Bottlebrush (Greyia Southerlandii) is in bloom.

I will report back on Sunday night...hopefully all in one piece :-)


  1. Very nice. Not much around but flat lands were I live.

  2. We are very lucky, we live at altitude here (about 1800m) and we have plenty of hilly areas surrounding the city, as well as those gorgeous mountains (3100m) about 4 hours away! That's where we were this weekend! The top was stunning!!!

  3. I think Dallas is about 250m. maybe less.