Monday, 18 June 2012

First Aid Kit Checklist

Please note that my list is good for me, so be sure to consult your doctor to find out what is good for you!
Many of the items here are purely for emergencies, and I hope not to have to use them!


  1. Broad Spectrum Anti-biotic
  2. Anti-nausea (non-sedative)
  3. Strong painkiller (Stilpayne etc)
  4. Diamox
  5. Strong Anti-inflammatory/muscular pain (Voltaren etc)
Over the counter:

  1. Immodium (Stop diarrhoea)
  2. Valoid (Anti-nausea - only at night as it causes drowsiness)
  3. Grandpa tablets (general headaches, also helps with altitude)
  4. Reuteri - pro biotic drops (stomach upsets)
  5. Teejel/similar - ulcers (numb mouth/gums)
  6. Foot powder - stops perspiration/friction
  7. Transact patches - great for sore muscles (stick on and go)
  8. Grabber warmers - body, feet, hands (can't be without)
  9. Sinuclear - colds/flu/sinusitis
  10. Andolex throat spray - sore throats
  11. Corenza C - effervescent cold and flu tabs
  12. Lip Ice
  13. Vaseline
  14. Ear buds, cotton wool, gauze
  15. Bactroban - antiseptic ointment
  16. Ear drops - pain
  17. Eye drops - moisture/irritation
  18. Friars Balsam - blister care
  19. Blister plasters (glacier gel)
  20. Moleskin
  21. Felt pads
  22. Stretch bandage (sprains etc)
  23. Hand sanitiser (get a few small ones)
  24. Antiseptic alcohol wipes
  25. Voltaren gel (muscle rub)
  26. Small scissors
  27. Tweezers
  28. Anti-histamine cream/lotion (itches, bites/reactions)
  29. Nose spray
  30. Tranquilyte/similar - natural herbal sedative/relaxant
  31. Shoelaces
  32. Anti-septic air/surface spray (barrels)
  33. Water purification drops
  34. Agiolax (for constipation)
  35. Lighter
  36. Elastic bands
It's best to customize your first aid kit and pack what you know works for you.

As mentioned in the previous post, always have prescribed medication with you as it's not easy to replace should your bags get delayed or lost!

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