Thursday, 21 June 2012

My last training run

So there I was this morning - getting dressed for my last official training run before we leave tomorrow.  I couldn't help but feel a little twinge of...sadness?? Not in the 'I want to bawl my eyes out' kind of way - more of something that's come to an end - you know that feeling?  Now don't get me wrong, it's not literally the end of anything, merely this chapter in my adventure...and as hard and cold as it was on some days, I now realise that it became such a big part of my routine that it's going to be so strange for it to change now...

Anyway, I immediately dried my hypothetical tears and decided that a new challenge is to be set on my trip - so by the time I get back home I can jump straight into the next chapter of a new adventure!
I don't quite know what it's going to be (I would have loved for it to be Aconcagua in December/Jan, but alas I need to save first...), it may be an awesome trail run series/half ironman or just another half marathon, but I've realised that life is so much more fun with a goal and purpose in mind...I'd hate to just be slogging along day by day with no direction.  As a parent, I really really hope and pray that I can pass a little of how amazing life can be with goals in mind down to my girls, and that they one day have the same love of adventure that Joe and I have...I can see many hikes and mountain climbs in our future together as a family...just seeing how amazing the bond is between Ray Funnell and his son Jayson really just cements my belief in how important this is!

Back to the run of this morning....I managed a nice 1hour session on the treadmill, at a good pace and wasn't tired or out of breath at was an awesome way for me to end this training chapter, as I did have a few worrying thoughts like 'had I trained enough?', 'will I slow the others down' etc...
I feel so good, I've worked hard and now the rest is up to the weather gods, the logistics and probably just plain old good luck!

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