Friday, 22 June 2012

In Transit...

Just a quick note to let all the families and friends know we are all safe and sound in Doha, Qatar!  We will be boarding for the mother city Moscow, Russia in about 20min!  In the airport lounge, using the pc's here!

We are all tired, with very swollen scratchy eyes (aircon for the last 24 hours), but in good spirits!
The showers didn't work out here, but a porra bath in the lovely bathrooms was fine for now :-)

We will be flying out at 7:40am (they are one hour ahead of SA time) and the flight is around 5hrs 30min!
We anticipate reaching the hotel in Moscow (Holiday Inn Lesnaya) around 4pm today...sho, it's a long day again!! 

Anyway, can't spend too much time here, my eyes are only as big as slits right now and I can see Joe getting ready to roll!

I will post something this evening, with all info on, cheers for now!

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