Monday, 11 June 2012

Packing starts....

So this weekend I decided to start the packing process, although I'm sure I will pack and re-pack again at least 3 times before we leave in 10 days!!!! YES 10 DAYS!! I'm getting super excited now...and also nervous about the weather!

I've got a 120/130l duffel bag which is seriously 2 girls and I can climb into it comfortably haha!

At first I thought that I had seriously bought it too big, but after folding, rolling etc I see that it really is a good size, and that my goodies will fill it quite nicely...although I am being strict as I really can't afford to pay thousands on excess once we have to board the smaller plane from Moscow to Mineralye Vody - and from what I've read online MOST groups always have to pay in anyway...and I'm of the opinion that it's not fair to expect anyone to pay for someone else's selfish packing - so if I know I'm going to overpack, then I need to take responsibility for my weight...

I've packed all my gear into separate ziplock bags, and I will also be adding a few large black bin liners to the top and bottom - which I will be using once we get to the mountain anyway.  I've been told they come in handy at the barrels, as it can be quite filthy so I can use them to line my wooden sleeping area before placing my pad or anything down!  And I believe they make really fun bum slides on the slopes :-)

I have a few gear items still arriving from the States in the next week - my great friend Nats is bringing that back  for me.  I've ordered crampon bags, goggles, glacier glasses, lens filters for my camera, some new sports bras and some glacier cream/zinc sunblock products.  I'm so so lucky to have her bring these goodies back, again I saved loads of money, had way more to choose from and I just love the US online shopping sites, it's incredible!
To give you an example of how I saved and why it is worth the trouble and wait:

  • Oakley goggles - I paid R480, priced in South Africa at R1699!!
  • Julbo glacier glasses - I paid R450, priced in South Africa at R1200 and up!
  • Lens Filter for my DSLR camera - I paid R195, priced at R545 in South Africa!

I love a bargain!!!

Next up, I will be chatting about my crampons, boots and a few other goodies!


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  1. Very important: Make sure you have a fresh pair of socks for your summit day. You don't want to be there with wet or damp ones from the day before.