Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Team

I should have done this quite a lot sooner, but there seems to be so much I want to say and too few hours to say it in!!

We had our final briefing session at Drifters in Sandton City last night.  Sean Disney from Adventure Dynamics did the presentation, which included slides and a lot of useful information on our trip.
We also got to finally meet Dr Nick Saragas whom we had not met before.  I think we are going to have an amazing trip - everyone seems laid back and easy to get along with!

So then, our team departing on Friday 22 June consists of:

1.  Robby Kojetin - Guide

2.  Joe Segers - My other half


3.  Ray Funnell - Leukaemia Survivor & founder of


4.  Jayson Funnell -  Ray's son and youngest member of the team!


5.  Doctor Nick Saragas

I promise to post a pic as soon as find one!!

6.  Bryan (I'm embarrassed to say we have not met this member yet!)

7.  Candy Hooke (me)

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