Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 1: Moscow

We had an amazing afternoon, lots of laughing and sightseeing! It's 10:09pm here already and it's still not even completely dark outside yet!! We got back to the hotel about 25min ago, I couldnt believe it was so late already! We canned the steakhouse idea and opted for good old Burger King haha-although Doctor Nick had the most amazing looking chicken and broccoli bake from a store which slogan read: 'you will never drink alone again' haha I loved that-pics to follow!! Red square is amazing and so big!! We couldn't get in properly and see the basilica etc as they are having some sort of concert/event there! Luckily we have another day here on our way back! We all got to buy some awesome Russian fur hats-KGB hats as I call them and Ray even found an awesome hip flask for a bargain! The first place I tried the KGB hat on wanted 5000 rubles!!?! Anyway I figured it was real fur-gross so no loss there! We struck a deal with an old guy and ended up paying only about R70 each!! We laughed so so much I absolutely loved it-we all get on amazingly and I am so so excited for the mountains tomorrow!! We could not have picked a better group ourselves I am so grateful!! Ray has some awesome pics on his blog so please click through to there! His web page is listed here under links on my blog or it's I will sort out my pics etc once I'm sorted with packing etc' as we got caught in Joburg with a R1300 excess baggage charge!! They told me my bag was 26kg!!! Nonsense I say!! Anyway so now I need to go sort it out by moving heavy stuff to my backpack-and maybe even wearing my plastic ice boots (in 25 degree weather!!?) I seriously need a shower now, and we need to meet at 7am to get to the airport in time!! Fun and games in Russia!!! My next post will be way more exciting I promise!!!

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