Thursday, 28 June 2012

Drive to Cheget Village

Wow-as we got off the plane this heat wave hit us-36 degrees!! We all got put in busses, which proceeded to drive us all of 300m to the little door to the arrivals hall?!

I went straight to the little cellular cubicle to find out about getting a Russian sim card as it would be way cheaper than using my vodacom sim (R25 per min calls!) and especially for data charges!

Shame the lady could only speak one or two words English, but luckily with my phrase book and the help of a FRIENDLY Russian lady they understood and I got a MTS sim with airtime for about R100! Another bonus she organized was that for 250 rubles I could get unlimited Internet too!! That's only R65!!

You also have to keep your luggage tags as they check to see if it matches before you can leave!
Our Pilgrim Tours driver Juri was waiting outside and carried my bag to the van parked miles away in 36 degree heat! There is nothing at the airport, no loos, no shops!

Our bright yellow bus was awesome, no seatbelts though! Also no aircom, open windows all the way!
Juri stopped at a garage with a cafe after about 1hour, ladies beware-rather find a bush! I went for a wee round a little wall in a field! The toilets are hideous to say the least!

We bought some ice creams, chips and goodies and were off again! The driving is insane-overtaking on corners etc! I had no handle to hang onto either!
It's very rural mostly countryside, small villages where the babushkas sit together on benches and the men gather under trees! Gorgeous views though! The river along the road runs strongly and is something to see.

We stopped for photos at a small bridge-oh and another thing: the cows own the road! I literally almost died a few times due to these beasts roaming wild!
The trip took about 4hours in total and we reached the little village of Cheget in one piece!

Off the main road onto gravel, pass a few stalls and there we are! Huge blocks of hotels (some look unfinished) and we arrived at Hotel Simerka!
We carried our bags and were given room 206 one level up from reception.

We have arrived!!!

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