Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Packing tips: Snacks & Hydration

  Now this is a subject very dear to my heart....if I don't have my snacks I am not a happy girl!
I learnt the hard way whilst climbing Kilimanjaro that I need to remember to not only pack sweet snacks, but also some savoury items - as on Kili, Joe and I eventually 'traded & bartered' with some of our team for theirs!  So we would swap Niknaks for a small cube of cheese with a pro vita cracker!  In times of desperation and all that....

So here I am this time, making sure I have my absolute essentials!  

In terms of hydration - everyone has their own theories on what you should/shouldn't be taking/adding/drinking etc, but be sure whatever you do, that you test it out way in advance...you don't want to get to the mountain and have an allergic reaction or worse because of a new 'tonic' someone suggested you try!
I went to a specialised store - Pace & Power - in Johannesburg and got the right powdered drink for me.  I do not like sweet drinks, so this one is flavourless (with a hint of lemon - think a slice of lemon in a glass of water perhaps).  It is an electrolyte plus it has many others goodies in it too for energy and it aids with recovery as well.

Again, the snacks were packed into individual ziplock bags - removing unnecessary packaging.  

My tip is to take a few extra empty ziplock bags and then I will pack myself a little snack bag everyday for each hike/climb...so on a rest I just whip out the baggy and choose what I feel like!  I also carry some energy lozenges/gum/nougat in my pockets for a quick snack/energy boost when I need it, without having to stop!

After my snacks are packed and sorted, I turn to the hydration.  For weight purposes and for ease of use, I measure out exactly the right amount of powder I need per bottle - I'm using Nalgene bottles, 1l each - and then put it into individual ziplock bags.

Once packed, I seal them tightly and roll the bags.  I then take the bags and stuff them into the empty Nalgene bottle  - this way I don't waste space and everything is kept neat for travel!  You can also stuff all your energy bars and carabiners into these bottles, and carry them in your hand luggage as they can weigh quite a bit!

You learn new tips and tricks as you go along, and I'm sure I will learn a lot on this trip!


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  1. You are so going to have a problem going through customs with all the bags of white powder!!